There are many ways to reuse items. Manufacturers around the world have been using recycled materials for decades. This way, old "scraps" can be reused and made new. It is a long cycle, but it makes a big difference. Manufacturers use aluminum from recycled cans to make new cans and other products. Recycled paper is used not only in paper and cardboard, but also in such materials as insulation and animal bedding. Old discarded tires can be ground down and used in asphalt, or around running tracks. Even purses can be made out of old tires. If you have an old tire in the backyard, you can make a swing out of it, or perhaps imbed it in the ground and grow flowers in it. Manufacturers grind up waste glass and use it to make new glass containers and as a substitute for sand in concrete. Old paper bills can be used to make notebooks. Some plastic containers can be melted and molded into new plastic products. Recycled motor oil can be used as industrial fuel oil. By reusing materials, we can keep them out of landfills. Doing our own little bit to help.
    The possibilities are endless.
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