Throughout Colorado there are intensive recycling programs. We already have many residents recycling, and these residents annually recycle about 480 tons of items. You can help by aiding in the process of recycling. Please remember to recycle glass, metals, plastics, and paper. Buying recycled items helps us all.

Local Efforts:

The Denver Post prints the Colorado Recycling guide. To receive a copy of it call Colorado Recycles at (303) 231-9972.

For more information:

Colorado Recycles
P.O. Box 370490
Denver, CO 80237-0940
(303) 231-8872

Denver Recycles
(303) 640-1675

The Governor's Office of Energy Management and Conservation
1675 Broadway, Ste. 1300
Denver, CO
(303) 620-4292

You can look in the USWEST yellow pages for other recycling programs.

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