Welcome to eSave, where we are helping to save the planet, one person at a time. Inspired by Digidare, created by the Green Team at Colorado Academy, eSave strives to educate people in the Denver area about conservation, recycling and pollution's effects. So choose a topic, and get ready to learn how you can help save the planet.

    Saving the environment can involve as little or as much effort as you wish. Not everyone has to start a composting heap and convert to solar power to help our environment. Just carpooling one or two days a week can make a huge difference. Remember that everything you do counts - imagine if everybody recycled just two aluminum cans every week. That would be 24,960,000,000 cans a year!

    Everyone, no matter your age, can help out. By designing this page, we hope to accomplish two things: awareness and action. Even if only a few people are influenced by this site, we will have accomplished our task.
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